Dynamic Non-Linear Display (DNLD)

Knowing what’s ahead is always safer

Pilots and operators of displays are being place under ever-increasing operational workload as technologies continue to advance which allow the presentation of more and more data. Critical decisions are required to be made in real time by the aircrew based upon this data, yet modern cockpit displays do not always provide that data in the form of readily-digestible information to the aircrew in a way that is conducive to them performing their task efficiently.

For displays where there is a need to show rapidly changing graphical information with extreme precision over a broad range, the linear nature of typical displays means that very useful situational awareness information is sacrificed for accuracy of current value data.

Marinvent’s patented Dynamic Non Linear Display (DNLD) technology is a unique set of algorithms that allow the display of rapidly changing graphical information, with extreme precision over a broad display range.


DNLD implemented in airspeed, altitude, and heading displays showing a lazy-8 manoeuvre.

DNLD Key Features

  • Marinvent’s DNLD package is available either exclusively or non-exclusively under flexible licensing terms:
    • Either as a patent license or
    • As a software license
  • Display scales are dynamically and non-linearly modified to enable display of current value and predefined upper and lower limits
    • Reducing the resolution away from current value but maintaining the desired resolution at the current value
  • The software algorithm employed is flexible and can take a number of different mathematical forms to achieve the desired appearance
  • Resolution and legibility of the image is kept at conventional display values in the linear potion of the display
  • Eliminates unwanted roll cues from altitude and speed tapes commonly experienced in highly dynamic situations

DNLD displays (left) vs. conventional displays (right). Phenom 100 doing an emergency decent, then flying over mountains. Watch the altitude DNLD display as the aircraft flies over terrain.

DNLD Benefits

  • Creates market discriminator as displays no longer have to sacrifice range for resolution
    • Maintains legibility and resolution in screen region where they are critical (current value)
  • Enables the retention on screen of meaningful display end points at all times (target bugs for instance are always in view)
    • Significantly improved altitude and airspeed awareness
  • Commonly used predictors such as airspeed and altitude trend vectors remain useable in highly dynamic situations
    • They do not saturate on the display
  • Displays remain useable at very high rates (such as 30,000 FPM vertical rates and 20 knot/second airspeed rates)
  • Eliminates false roll cues suffered by conventional displays during rapid climb or descent
  • Can be readily integrated with existing display software to enable the retrofit market

Application Spaces

  • Civil and military aircraft cockpit displays
  • Military land and sea vehicle displays
  • Unmanned vehicle control station displays
  • Simulation displays