About AdvAero

Advanced Aerospace Solutions (AdvAero), formed in 2009 in the state of North Carolina, is a privately held small business JV between two US companies, MW Aerospace Inc., and Haynes Consulting, Inc., and Marinvent Corporation, a Canadian company. Between them , these companies have more than 60 years of experience developing and deploying innovative technologies. The AdvAero JV was formed to better position their members to compete for US federal, state, and local procurement opportunities.

AdvAero provides consulting, services, training, tools and IP to reduce customers’ program/product risk, cost and schedule and to help them innovate quickly. Its engineers, experience, TCCA DARs, flying avionics test bed, research simulator and IP make it a reliable and trusted partner for the planning and management of projects, regardless of size and complexity. AdvAero’s customers include aircraft OEMs, integrators, tier 1s, tier 2s and Government customers around the world.

One of AdvAero’s key values is its independence, which proves invaluable in helping customers to make informed and impartial product and acquisition decisions based upon an objective assessment of operational and performance requirements through application of proven methods and tools.

AdvAero and its JV partners pride themselves on helping their customers bring their products to market and have a stellar track record of doing exactly that. As a result, they have won numerous awards in recognition of that fact.