1999 – News Archive

JV Partner Marinvent completes certification

October 10, 1999

JV Partner Marinvent Corporation completes FAA DO-178B Level C Certification of unique platform independent TCL/MC3 Vector Graphics Library.

Jeppesen awards Northstar contract to JV Partner Marinvent

July 29, 1999

Jeppesen Sanderson awards system engineering contract for Northstar CT-1000 to JV Partner Marinvent Corporation.

Commercial Air Operators Certificate issued to JV Partner Marinvent

July 12, 1999

JV Partner Marinvent Corporation issued first ever Commercial Air Operators Certificate for aircraft flight test.

June News

June 01, 1999

JV Partner Marinvent Cheyenne aircraft and Smart Chart technology featured at Transport Canada DAR Conference.

John Maris (President of JV Partner Marinvent Corporation) appointed as a Design Approval Representative (DAR) Test Pilot by Transport Canada.

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